Owners In Action

Clockwise from top left: Mr. Broker, Mr. Candy, Mr. Buck, Mr. Flower (pointing at the screen), Mr. Burberry, Mr. Topo (on keyboard) and Mr. Mike.

It is a largely incomplete representation of the league's mankind, but since more than 50% of the owners appear in this snapshot, we decided to put it online anyway. Missing: Mr. Christian, Mr. Fatty, Mr. Bidon, Mr. Sniffer, Mr. Pacho.
You can see most of them, however, in another shot, witnessing the magic moment of the trading ceremony: the handshake.
The picture above was shot at the Argodome by Renato Ferrini, whom we'd like to thank.

If you're a masochist (or a relative) or something, you can even see another colour picture of the same subject.

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